The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa

5 Biggest Spoilers in Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

How are you guys today? Let’s talk about something interesting about Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa. This manhwa was written and illustrated by several people. Lee Do Gyeong and Nam Heesung were the ones who write it down while Grimza and Kim Tae Hyung were responsible for the arts. For today, let’s talk about some big spoilers in this manhwa. 

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa

The first one would be Lee Hyun aka Weed real life condition. For new readers, this is the background story before you follow the journey of Lee Hyun as a gamer. Lee Hyun was a high school dropout and had a remarkable financial burden left by his deceased parents. Considered underage to be working legally, he decided to sell his old in-game character in the game called Weed in The Continent of Magic. To his surprise, Weed was sold at 3,1 billion won. Though his family’s debt to the loan shark was about 100 million, it became 3 billion in 8 years. Left with a little less than 100 million, Lee Hyun started to begin his journey (with new character) in the Royal Road game. 

Why would he start building another character in the Royal Road game? This is the second spoiler. He was pissed off by the loan shark and made a bet with him. If he managed to gain 3 billion won like last time, the loan shark boss would become his underling. Other than that, he felt responsible to send his sister, Lee Hayan, into college. So he worked hard to make it happen. 

The third one would be related to his new character in the Royal Road. During one of the quests, Weed encountered a hidden class called Moonlight Sculptor. Compared to normal jobs such as warriors, mages, or clerics, hidden class was a special class that can only be gained during special quests. At first, he refused it because sculpting didn’t make enough money and he really could use some money. But eventually he accepted it after receiving sculpting relic and talk with the Wise Man.  

Fourth spoiler for this manhwa was Weed’s relationship. In general, Weed considered all relationships with girls as a form of wasting time and money because this type of relationship often cost him more than he’s willing to spend. However, he met Jeong Seoyoon in the training facility and became friends with her. Regarding their romantic relationship, I won’t tell you anything about that. You have to read it by yourself. 

The last spoiler in this manhwa was Weed’s ability (and tendency) to use other bodies other than his human body. He could shapeshift into many forms such as orc, dwarf, lich, raven, bone dragon, chaos warrior, ice troll and many more. In the latest chapter in the manhwa, he led the orc, human and dark-elf armies to fight the undead. If you’re curious about this manhwa, you can read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa in any reliable websites.

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