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A Pervert’s Daily Life Manhwa Chapter 77 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey, guys, I’ve got some news for you. We are going to discuss about A Pervert’s Daily Life manhwa Chapter 77, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

17+A Pervert's Daily Life Manhwa

A Pervert’s Daily Life Manhwa Chapter 76 Recap

Rae-mi baked cookies today and she intends to give it to Mr. Han. She felt grateful, since Mr. Han has taken a good care of her during her work. When she was still admiring her batch of cookies, her unnie came home. Rae-mi’s unnie was angry about something in her workplace, but Rae-mi’s cookies calmed her down. She suspect that Rae-mi might like the cafe owner romantically, but Rae-mi told her that it was not the case. Rae-mi contact Mr. Han through chat app and he praise her. Rae-mi couldn’t help but imagining those things Mr. Han might do to return the favor.

A Pervert’s Daily Life Manhwa Synopsis

Jinwoo and Seyoung was off to a rocky start. Seyoung didn’t know that she was going to lived in a company dorm with a male employee and her direct superior too. She barged in to the room like thinking it was hers. The timing couldn’t have been more inappropriate since Jinwoo was in the middle of his pleasure time. Embarassed and got nowhere to hide, his life was heading to a misery. However, he didn’t know that Seyoung was no ordinary rookie. She had her own dirty little secret.

A Pervert’s Daily Life Manhwa Chapter 77 Release Date 

A Pervert’s Daily Life manhwa was released weekly, and the latest chapter was published in June 30th. The next chapter would probably out by next week. If you want to read A Pervert’s Daily Life manhwa, make sure you check our website for further information regarding the updates.

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