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A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 105 Spoiler Out Now

Today we will be talking about the spoiler of A Returner’s Magic Should be Special manhwa Chapter 105. Check out the recap below if you haven’t read the previous chapter.

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 104 Recap

Adjest would like to train hard like a real battle but she would like to place a bet, and the loser is in charge of cleaning the office. And then they fight, and it seems like Romantica have lost the battle because she’s the one who cleans the office by herself. Adjest and Pritzel Kei, the newly joined member of Desir’s party are also in the office. It looks like everyone from Desir’s party are gathered in the office including Pram, Takaran and Ren because Desir would like to have a meeting regarding the party competition. Unlike rank battles which held to evaluate each individual, party competition can only support one person.

Therefore, it rely more on the performance of party’s individual and students from all grades will join the same competition. Desir would like to aim for the 1st place. Takaran and Ren are quite disagrees with that idea, but Desir is sure about this to give everyone from his party a chance to learn. Desir’s party then start to train them one by one based on their individual skill. Meanwhile, a mysterious man comes to Nipleka Mansion to talk with Kelt about his recent lost to Desir Arman. The man expresses his hatred toward Desir Arman and his party. He also mentions that crushing Desir’s party is actually Kelt’s obligation.

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 105 Review

Desir’s party are still on the training grounds. Adjest currently tried to improve her magic sword, and Desir advised her to achieve circle class 4 because it’s hard to achieve it even if people has talent since it took a lot of skill such as mana manipulation, arithmetic and mental image. Desir then set up Adjest with Pram to do the sword sparring without magic. Pram is unexpectedly fast without any magical enhancement, and he showed some kind of aura during their fight.

Meanwhile, there was a crowd in the hallway surrounding Erze who was getting bullied by the seniors. Pritzel approached her and they had a bit of confrontation.  Reda Idel approached them then insulted and attacked Pritzel. Then Desir comes to the rescue and attacked Reda Idel because she had crossed the line. The fight between Desir and Reda Idel probably will affect the school’s atmosphere, especially because it happened at the 7th day of training for the competition. What will Reda Idel do to Desir and his party? Will Kelt also be involved? 

Where to Read A Returner’s Magic Should be Special ?

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special manhwa releases weekly. The latest Chapter 105 was released in 26th May, and the next chapter will be released next week. You can read A Returner’s Magic Should be Special via webtoon or via other reliable sources. Check our website regularly for the next updates of the story.

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