A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Manhwa Chapter 104 Release Date, Update and More

Let’s talk about the upcoming chapter of A Returner’s Magic Should be Special. However, before we started, let’s have a recap to the previous chapter first.

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special
A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 103 Recap

Chapter 103 tells the story about the match between Desir and Kelt – a member of Nipleka family, a sophomore single ranker of the blue moon party and a circle class 4th wizard. Kelt uses an aqua tornado attack spell through controlling large volumes of water. Desire then freeze all the water, but Kelt unexpectedly uses climate control magic. The climate control magic is actually a class 5 spell, but Kelt downscale it to class 4 spells which surprises Desir. Then, Desir use the spouts out liquid oxygen by vaporizing the liquid oxygen along with the water to create an explosion and tossing Kelt out of the ring using that spell. 

A few days later, Desir’s party was having a laugh regarding Desir’s winning against Kelt, and they are pretty sure that no one could complain about their party anymore. Then, there was a knock on the door – it was Pritzel Kei from the Beta Class Arachne party who was being oppressed by the nobles. Pritzel Kei would like to join Desir’s party, and they welcomed her with warm hands. Meanwhile, Romantica and Adjest are training hard like a real battle, and they would like to train for the match that they couldn’t settle at the yellow ocean tournament.

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Synopsis

Desir Arman is one of the remaining survivor of humankind in The Shadow Labyrinth – the most catastrophic existence humanity has faced in history.  The six of the survivor attempted to clear the final level of labyrinth. Unfortunately, they have failed, resulting the world that came to an end. Desir thought it was the end of everything, and that he would meet his demise.

However, he unexpectedly saw the sight of the world – 30 years ago to be exact, which means he has travelled back to the past. Desir was back into his old time when he was about to enroll to the nation’s finest magic academy and reunited with his friends. Therefore, it means Desir has 3 years of time remaining before the emergence of the Shadow World, and he is ready to change the past and ready to change the fate of humankind.

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 104 Prediction

Following the previous chapter, the next chapter most likely will explain the training battle between Romantica and Adjest. Besides, the next chapter will probably show the newly joined Pritzel Kei and her training process as a new member of Desir’s party. Make sure to check our website for further updates regarding the story.

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 104 Release Date

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special manhwa releases weekly. The latest update of chapter 103 was released in 10th May 2020, and the next updates are most likely next week since there are no exact date of the Raw Korean manhwa. Check this link of A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Chapter 103 if you’re looking for the previous chapter. 

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