i am the sorcerer king chapter 89

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 89 Spoiler and Review

Today we will be talking about I Am Sorcerer King Chapter 89 Spoiler and Review. As the series grow, we know Lee Sung Hon keep growing stronger and almost reach Sorcerer Tier 5. While until now, we dont found any opponent can beat Lee Sung Hon, there is a chance Lee Sung Hon will get more good fight as more new enemies occuring.

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 88 Recap

 Lee SungHoon decides to help the US to clear tier3 dungeon in front of the White House.  Sneak into the dungeon alone , Lee SungHon analyzes the environment.  He found this dungeon is pretty unique because the monsters are spaceship and mothership rather than monster or beast. While US government is planning a backup plan if Lee Sung Hon can’t beat the dungeon, we found it pretty funny that the US president is similar with Donald Trump.

I Am The Sorcerer Chapter 89 Spoiler and Review

New enemy from Undead army is occuring. She is Ellish , Queen of The Shadow. Paelton and Calypso still continue with their plan to expand their colony and conquer more area. While Paelton chose to not too aggresive , Calypso the opposite way want to conquer the world as fast as he can. In the middle of conversation, Ellish is coming. Ellish will use her special ability, manipulate. Without long discussion, she chose to depart to US which known as the most powerful country on earth.

While Lee Sung Hon is still on the tier 3 Dungeon. He still confuse while the boss is already dead or still alive. He cast Nuclear Buster, which make his AI a bit affraid to get hurt by its explosion. Lee Sung Hon found himself is about to reach Magical Singularity, which it can be used to make the world and society rules all on their own. Actually this is pretty excited, if truly Lee Sung Hon can manage his new Nuclear energy to create almost limitless Mana. He can craft item like Ring of Life on mass level , which can be used by millions or billions if possible to prevent world from hungry problem.

Where To Read I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 89 ?

You can read I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 89 on many free online manga website. We know the biggest read manga online, mangarock is already dead. But if you search , there is many other platform and scanlation website provide you the content.

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