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I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 99 Release Date, Updates, and More

Curious about the upcoming chapter 99 of this manhwa? Before we get to the prediction and spoiler part, let’s have a recap first!

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 99

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 98 Recap

Calypso, The Commander of 128th Liberator, has come directly to Lee Sung Hoon. He offered a negotiation in which Sunghoon didn’t really have any reason to decline. It was mostly because The Liberator spilled information regarding the dungeons and director of Ahkasha’s life expectancies. The clock is ticking for mankind to be doomed and the whole universe to end.

Apparently, all The Liberator wanted was to bring missionary action as a form of religious freedom. They wanted humans to realize that death is not the end and thus awaken the faith that their God is the higher being that will bring them comfort in the after-life. To make sure the negotiation went well, he offered to negotiate under the God’s name and with Dragon’s Heart.

However, Sung Hoon was being cautious about the whole ordeal. He hesitated and asked for the negotiation’s conditions which was only not to interfere with the process of converting the living to be undead. The dragon’s heart offer was also too good to be declined, so negotiation was made.

The next problem that they had to face was the fact that Ahkasha is growing near, and Sung Hoon felt like he had to take a drastic measure as a solution. They decided to look amongst the powerful monster hunter that could be put on the forefront for the incoming battles.

On the other hand, China was being purified from the undead and Yeoyoung was busy training to get to where Sung Hoon was. But suddenly, Yeoyung was enlightened and became a master.

I Am The Sorcerer King Synopsis

A few years ago, an alien rift army was created out of space, and time was beginning to threaten mankind. People started to awaken the power within them at around the same time to hunt the monsters for honor and prosperity.

Lee Sung Hoon, whose mother was ill at that time needed money to prolong her treatments. He then decided to take a risky job of joining those people to fight monsters, despite the fact that he didn’t have any power. For four times a month, he works with with them as a hunter’s lure. Until one day, he got severely wounded by the monster and recalled his former life as the King of Sorcerers.

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 99 Prediction and Spoiler

Based on the previous chapter, Yeoyung became a master in a heartbeat. This sudden change brought lots of questions to not only the reader’s mind, but also and most importantly Sung Hoon’s. 

How did that happen? Will Yeoyung’s enlightenment be a positive change? Most probably yes, but this sudden change must have mean something bigger is happening. Let’s sit tight and wait for the next chapter to be released!

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 99 Release Date

Based on the previous chapter, the usual release date was a week after the latest chapter has been released. The newest chapter was just released yesterday on July 5th, so I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 99 will probably be released around July 12th. In the meantime, you can catch up or read I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 98.

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