I Am The Sorcerer King 91

I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 91 : Release Date, Update and More

In this post we are going talk about the upcoming chapter of I Am The Sorcerer King, chapter 91 which will be released next week. However, before starting it, let’s have a recap toward the previous chapter.

I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa
I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 90 Recap

Lee Seung Hoon makes Aina handled all the negotiations with other countries. Sung Hoon already gained trust from the countries that have recognized his powers since he managed to solo clears England’s tier 3 dungeons by himself. This makes other countries denied Korean government’s attempt and influence in negotiation. Then, Sung Hoon cleared the dungeons that have been handled in negotiation with Aina. In total, there are 59 tier 3 dungeons that have been completed. 

Based on the simulation showed by Aina in Nayangju Magic Tower, most of the third-world countries all around the world will collapse, and it caused by US who denied to hand over their nuclear power plant. A lot of countries are aware of master’s power, but Lee Sung Hoon believes that his nuclear-fusion magic is enough to handle the nation itself. 

Aina talks to Lee Sung Hoon regarding her plan of creating a gigantic mothership for Interstellar residential facility which meant to build for safety purposes. Lee Sung Hoon agrees of her plan but initiate the prototype to be built in Mars for the time being. Meanwhile, the dungeon manifestation has begun, and most of the powerful countries are doing well. However, it looks like there are some unexpected things happen because Japan got an unexpected flying enemy that looks like a dragon, and China ended up being manifested as well.

I Am The Sorcerers King Synopsis

A decade ago, there are a lot of monsters coming from space and time which attacked humankind. Therefore, humans started to awaken their power in order to fight the monsters, both for money and for fame. Lee Sung Hoon being one of them, chosen to take a dangerous job to hunt the monsters, all for the sake of his sick mother. Sung Hoon’s job is to help hunt the monsters by making himself as bait toward the monsters, which he does four times a month. One day, Sung Hoon got injured by a monster, and something unexpected happened – he remembered his previous life as a Sorcerer King Kratraus.

I Am The Sorcerers King Chapter 91 Prediction and Spoiler

Regarding the previous chapter, we can assume that the dungeon manifestation has begun, and we will find out what happens next, especially in Japan and China where unexpected things happen. Will the problem occur in Japan and China be resolved, and is Lee Sung Hoon ready to help them?

I Am The Sorcerers King Chapter 91 Release Date

This Manga releases new chapter weekly every Sunday. Chapter 90 was released in 10th May, and the next chapter will be released in 17th May 2020. While waiting for the next updates, you can read I Am The Sorcerers King Chapter 90 in official website like Webtoon, which will be keeping you updated about the newest chapter of the manhwa.

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