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I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 94 Release Date, Update and More

Today let’s talk about the upcoming I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa chapter 94! Here we also provide the recap of chapter 93 in case you haven’t read it yet. 

I Am the sorcerer king manhwa

I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 93 Recap

Beijing is under attack from the undead army. A lot of death knights invading Beijing and China government ask Lee Sung Hoon for his help to defeat the undead. but they’re currently still in negotiation. In Beijing, on the other hand, the leader of undead army encounters the Special Ironclad Defense Force Leader Wang Jingwei. While the Dragon Assault Leader Xiao Shuang watches from afar. Then, there’s an explosion that comes from the dragon’s breath.

However, the undead army seems unaffected by it because they have the power of god. Suddenly, something blocks the dark cloud magic which is a shame for the undead because they cannot step into the sunlight. Then, Lee Sung Hoon comes to the scene and he attacks the leader of undead army using his sword and his martial art ability. Lee Sung Hoon then rescues Xiao Shuang and Wang Jingwei by teleporting them to the place of strategic missile command. A powerful energy then appears above the atmosphere in Beijing. And it was Lee Sung Hoon who uses the star summon magic to fight the undead. 

Synopsis of I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa

A decade ago, there are a lot of monsters coming from space and time which attack humankind. Therefore, human started to awaken their power in order to fight the monsters, both for money and for fame. Lee Sung Hoon being one of them, chosen to take a dangerous job to hunt the monsters, all for the sake of his sick mother. Sung Hoon’s job is to help hunting the monsters by making himself as bait toward the monsters, which he does four times a month. One day, Sung Hoon got injured by a monster, and something unexpected happen – he remember his previous life as a Sorcerer King Kratraus.

Predicition for I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 94

In the previous chapter, Lee Sung Hoon uses the star summon magic trick to fight against the undead, and the leader of the undead army pleaded to the god of death to protect them. Afterwards, there seem to be a sort of explosion. Is Sung Hoon’s magic able to defeat them or instead, he failed to the god of death and the undead army manages to fight him back? We will know the answer in the next chapter for sure. 

I Am The Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 94 Release Date 

If you’re interested to read I Am The Sorcerer King manhwa chapter 93, please kindly wait a little bit since it will be released in the first week of June. Make sure to read it via webtoon and other up-to-date websites that would provide you the newest chapter, and feel free to check our website regularly for the next updates, review and prediction for the next chapter.

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