I Am The Sorcerer King

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 94 Spoiler Out Now

Hey everybody, chapter 94 of I am the Sorcerer King has been released. We are going to give you the review of the chapter. There is also a recap of chapter 93 provided.

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 94

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 93

Beijing is under attack from the undead army. A lot of death knights invading Beijing and China government ask Lee Sung Hoon for his help to defeat the undead. but they’re currently still in negotiation. In Beijing, on the other hand, the leader of undead army encounters the Special Ironclad Defense Force Leader Wang Jingwei and the Dragon Assault Leader Xiao Shuang. Then, Xiao Shuang unleashes his dragon’s breath power, trying to defeat the undead knight.

However, the undead army seems unaffected by it because they have the power of god. Suddenly, something blocks the dark cloud magic which is a shame for the undead because they cannot step into the sunlight. Then, Lee Sung Hoon comes to the scene and he attacks the leader of undead army using his sword and his martial art ability. Lee Sung Hoon then rescues Xiao Shuang and Wang Jingwei by teleporting them to the place of strategic missile command. A powerful energy then appears above the atmosphere in Beijing. And it was Lee Sung Hoon who uses the star summon magic to fight the undead.

Review of I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 94

The people from the Strategic Missile Command are still watching Lee Sung Hoon’s fight. Lee Sung Hoon thinks he has burned away the undead cleanly, though he is worried because he has destroying China’s capital. But after the fog clears out, the leader of the undead army still lives. The death-knight leader suspects Lee Sung Hoon isn’t from this planet.

But, before Lee Sung Hoon tries to capture his soul, the death-knight leader vanishes. After that, Lee Sung Hoon is gathering huge energy. The leaders from China, US, Japan, and the UN are all watching. Apparently, Lee Sung Hoon is reviving the people in Beijing who died during the attack. In total, a few hundred thousands people are brought back to life. This action of his will ensure that he will get Liaoning province, and he might declare an independent nation.

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