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I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96 Release Date, Updates and More

Let’s talk about I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96! We will discuss about its release date and the possibility of what might happen next! We also have a recap of chapter 95 if you want to be reminded about the previous story.

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96

Recap of I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 95

A month after that event, the UN’s peacekeeping hunter organization is formed. Various military forces are dispatched to further guard humanity. The alpha team members excluding Lee Sung Hoon are making names for themselves as the task force.

Lee Sung Hoon has been promoted from mage to a legitimate sorcerer. After that, China sent one of their officers to talk with Lee Sung Hoon. The representative, turns out, is trying to ask Lee Sung Hoon to work together in eliminating the undead. However, Lee Sung Hoon sees through him. He knows that China has already nuked a building made by the undead, but failed. That is why they want his help. He also suspects that China wants to seem as allies with Lee Sung Hoon so the world would see. 

Lee Sung Hoon decides to refuse the offer and immediately launches pods from the space into Liaoning province, where the undead are residing. An army of robots launches an assault at the undead with Lee Sung Hoon himself leading them. Some of the undead are moving out, but one strong one is trying to hold back Lee Sung Hoon for the others.

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Synopsis

A decade ago, there are a lot of monsters coming from space and time which attack humankind. Therefore, human started to awaken their power in order to fight the monsters, both for money and for fame. Lee Sung Hoon being one of them, chosen to take a dangerous job to hunt the monsters, all for the sake of his sick mother. Sung Hoon’s job is to help hunting the monsters by making himself as bait toward the monsters, which he does four times a month. One day, Sung Hoon got injured by a monster, and something unexpected happen – he remembers his previous life as a Sorcerer King Kratraus.

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96 Prediction

In the last chapter, Lee Sung Hoon refuses the offer from China and takes care of the undead in his province by himself. We will definitely see some battles between his robot army and the undead. There was one powerful undead which seemed trying to hold him back, will he be able to defeat him?

Release date of I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96

If you guys wish to read I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa chapter 96, it will be published next week. Stay tuned if you do not want to miss the updates about the upcoming chapters!

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