I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96 Spoiler Out Now

Hey everybody, chapter 96 of I am the Sorcerer King has been released. We are going to give you the review of the chapter. There is also a recap of chapter 95 provided.

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 95

A month after that event, the UN’s peacekeeping hunter organization is formed. Various military forces are dispatched to further guard humanity. The alpha team members excluding Lee Sung Hoon are making names for themselves as the task force.

Lee Sung Hoon has been promoted from mage to a legitimate sorcerer. After that, China sent one of their officers to talk with Lee Sung Hoon. The representative, turns out, is trying to ask Lee Sung Hoon to work together in eliminating the undead. However, Lee Sung Hoon sees through him. He knows that China has already nuked a building made by the undead, but failed. That is why they want his help. He also suspects that China wants to seem as allies with Lee Sung Hoon so the world would see. 

Lee Sung Hoon decides to refuse the offer and immediately launches pods from the space into Liaoning province, where the undead are residing. An army of robots launches an assault at the undead with Lee Sung Hoon himself leading them. Some of the undead are moving out, but one strong one is trying to hold back Lee Sung Hoon for the others.

I Am the Sorcerer King Manhwa Chapter 96 Review

The fight between the undead and Lee Sung Hoon’s army begins to unravel more. Lee Sung Hoon finally enters the battlefield. Lee Sung Hoon immediately unleashes two shots of miniature stars before the enemy mage leader finishes talking. Lee Sung Hoon thinks the one attacks first should be victorious. He is convinced the leader is dead. But, there is still resistance from the lesser undeads. 

Apparently, the leader is still alive. Lee Sung Hoon has destroyed its magic circles but he can still survive. This is not some normal lich. He is the lich who serves the acolyte of the god of death. He is immortall unless the altar is destroyed. Teleport and nuclear fusion are restricted there due to the anti-magic field. 

When Lee Sung Hoon tries to start plan B, the lich uses Binding Ring of Death. He manages to get out from it and immediately commence plan B. An attack is launched from space with the speed of half the speed of light at Liaoning province. 

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