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I Am The Sorcerer King – Lee Sung Hon Sorcerer Tier List

I Am The Sorcerer King is a new and hot manhwa in 2020. It’s similar to Solo Leveling, the genre is a fantasy based on game universe. The Main Character is Lee Sung Hoon. He is starting his career as Transporter, the one who lures the monster as a bait. But one day he gets faint and sees his past life as Sorcerer King, then he wakes up with Sorcerer skill but his skill and level was reset.

Below i will make a list on Lee Sung Hoon Sorcerer Tier List, so you may know how fast he grow

Tier 1 Sorcerer

In Chapter 3, he wakes up from fainting, and suddenly he has sorcerer ability but it’s still on the lowest level. With his past life as Sorcerer King, make him become one of the fastest growth along with Awaken in Korea. On his first hunting day, his party is very surprised when he cast Halt skills upon Salamander. That makes the monster can’t move and his party can clear the area easily. This is truly not an ordinary magician, because he is not !

Tier 2 Sorcerer

After successfully wake his mother from very long “sleep”, Lee Sung Hon can focus on growing his skills and level. In Chapter 15, he leaks his mana into the electricity and farmed from the solar panel. That makes him able to convert electricity to mana. With his knowledge from the past life , he uses overflowed mana and successfully becomes Tier 2 Sorcerer. Lee Sung Hoon now able to create dual spells and make his hunting even easier. Nothing very intense on this stage. Just a lot of foundation building on Lee Sung Hoon skillset.

Tier 3 Sorcerer

With his skill that can convert electricity into mana , no wonder he has a limitless resource of mana. No surprise in just a very short period he becomes Tier 3 Sorcerer in Chapter 18. After he reaches this tier, he now able to do magical item crafting and make his own weapon. Although he becomes Tier 3 , actually it’s pretty much can be compared with Tier 5 or 6 in the current world. Potential rival is showing up on Chapter 48, she is Tokkoyeon, one of the best Awaken from China. If you haven’t read this series, I admit its pretty slow pace and quite boring in the first 50 chapters. But things getting better as more rival and villain is showing up.

Tier 4 Sorcerer

To get to Tier 4 Sorcerer, Sung Hoon took a long time. Because he focuses on building his party as well. He wants to make his party grow their level and skill. Sung Hoon thinking to have his own company and make his party is one of his inner circle who can he trust. When he reaches “maximum” mana, he uses mana compression-like he always does to become the next tier Sorcerer. He reaches Tier 4 Sorcerer in Chapter 64. At this phase, Sung Hoon can make a clone of ‘himself’. Without any distraction, he makes his own clone as his “AI” to do the boring work while he does an important job. As he grows, the dungeon also grow stronger. He got a very good fight and almost beat by Gradion Queen.

What’s Next ?

As the series releases a new chapter, the story getting better. As we write this article, Sung Hoon still reaches Tier 4. But we predict soon he will reach Tier 5 and can get more exciting abilities. And of course, the most anticipated is about the Undead army. Will Sung Hoon able to beat the very strong the Undead army? Lets found out yourself.
Below you can Download our infographics on Lee Sung Hon tier List

I Am The Sorcerer King – Lee Sung Hoon Tier List

Where to read I Am The Sorcerer King ?

You can read I Am The Sorcerer King on Kakao Page. We are strongly recommend you read official source.

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