Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 82

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 82 Release Date, Updates and More

Everyone, let’s talk about Lady Baby Manhwa chapter 82 now, since chapter 81 has been released! We also have a recap of chapter 81 for you below.

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 82

Recap of Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 81

Calliope is embarrassed when she thinks her relationship is not what she thought it was. Asterias Castillo’s man wants to pursue her, but the other girl stops him because it will only make Calliope more embarrassed. After that, Rias walks away, saying it is too loud there. Rias then says the reason Calliope wants to be with him alone was because the handkerchief. 

On the other hand, Calliope recalls that in her previous life, she also said similar thing that Asterias said to her just now. Asterias finds Calliope, and suddenly he ties her shoe knots. When Calliope tries to give back his handkerchief, Asterias Castillo says that he doesn’t need it since he does not cry anymore. He then tells her to wipe her tears with it if she ever cries. Calliope is kind of confused because Castillo said their relationship is not yet that far, but now he tried to find her.

Lady Baby Manhwa Synopsis

Her family was decimated by destruction and a raging war, but when she listens to her melancholy singing on the city’s graveyard, a mysterious female figure assures her that she will be rewarded with a beautiful song and a shroud of Calliope in the dark. After waking up, Calliope discovers that she traveled back to the time she was born!

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 82 Release Date

If you guys would like to read Lady Baby Manhwa, a new chapter is out each week. Chapter 81 was published on June 17th. So, we’ll likely be able to read chapter 82 next week! 

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