Lady Baby Manhwa

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 85 Release Date, Updates and more

Hello fellow manhwa readers! Today we’ll talk about Lady Baby Manhua Chapter 85. First, let’s take a look at the recap of the chapter 84.

Lady Baby Manhwa

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 84 Recap

Calliope and Cretianne had introduced each other. Cretianne seemed to have bought too many things from Calliope’s store. Not bein able to count her own money, Cretianne was taught by Calliope to do so. Then, Cretianne told Calliope about the problems in her family. Not wanting to be on the topic longer, Cretianne change the topic by asking Calliope to go there whenever Cretianne was there. At Castillo’s palace, Reas Castillo was speaking to his grandmother about Lady Vasello and Marquis Piente. Marquis Piente had made a move regarding the matter between Piente and Castillo family. Piente sent a letter to Castilo residence to cover up the rumors that could emerge. It seemed that the Castillos would not do anything.

Lady Baby Manhwa Synopsis

Her family was decimated by catastrophe and raging war, but when she listens to her nostalgic singing on the city’s graveyard, a mysterious female figure tells her she will be rewarded with a beautiful song and a Calliope’s veil in the dark. Calliope learns after waking up, that she traveled back to the time she was born!

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 85 Release Date

Lady Baby Manwua releases its chapter once in a week. Chapter 84 was released on July 3rd. So, the next chapter will come out the following week. Read Lady Baby Manhua on your favorite website. Check our websites for most updated information of this Manhua and other Manhua too!

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