Overgeared Team Armor

Main Character Profile of Overgeared Team Armor

Today we were going to talk about Overgeared Team Armor manhwa. I guess some of you might wonder about Overgeared and Overgeared Team Armor. Actually, Overgeared Team Armor manhwa was adapted from the novel titled Overgeared. The novel was written by Park Saenal in 2017. Overgeared Team Armor manhwa was created by Dong Wook Lee and illustrated by Team Argo in 2020. This manhwa still relatively new, though it cannot be compared to its light novel. The storyline was quite similar to one another. 

Overgeared Team Armor

This manhwa follows the journey of Shin Youngwoo, a loser in everything he does. He was deemed as a loser in the real world and the virtual world. In my opinion, this manhwa tells about a normal guy who got addicted in virtual reality game called Satisfy, and can’t function normally in the real world. Shin Youngwoo got too addicted to the game and cannot find a real job. He became unemployed and still lived with his parents. Sometimes he works manual labor to pay for the game. His friends avoid him, and his parents can’t do anything to change him. Let’s talk about some of his character while we were on this. Shin Younwoo is a game addict and his username is Grid. Reading it as Greed, it would show a bit about his characteristic. He was never satisfied with his current situation and asking for more.

Due to this, he often met with trouble. Once, he finished a secret quest and he went for the powerful book as a reward instead of normal reward. He intended to sold the legendary book. But somehow, bad luck always revolves around him. This time, he was chased by the owner of the book which forces him to open the book and use the item himself instead of selling it. I guess one of his good points might be his determination. He told his parents that he will find a job in the game world and sold precious items to be exchanged with real money. Still, his parents didn’t believe him. 

Faced with many obstacles, he works hard to survive. He is diligent although sometimes would look for a shortcut to obtain whatever he wants. Like I said before, his character is quite normal. Just like ordinary human. Shin Youngwoo change his status in the game, from typical knight into Pagma’s descendant. Pagma was a blacksmith, so he follows the step of being a blacksmith. Fortunately, he didn’t fall to the dark side or using dark method to obtain anything. Shin Youngwoo was a simple human with strong determination to survive. Are you curious about Shin Younwoo’s journey? If you do, go read Overgeared Team Armor to find out the answer. 

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