Ranker who lives a second time 60

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 60 Spoiler and Review

In this post  I will give a review  of  the latest chapter Ranker who lives a second time. If you missed the previous chapter which is chapter 59, you can read the recap below.

Ranker who lives a second time Chapter 60
Ranker who lives a second time

Recap Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 59

In Chapter 59 We all knew there have been 3 people left. Yeon Woo came to them, with the sharp gaze Yeon Woo slowly removing the blood-piercing sword from behind his sheep. Yeon Woo gives them an option that there’ll be just one person alive. Just a second, Yeon Woo immediately pack up the two people quickly. Yeon Woo asks him to went to the village  and warn everyone who bravely come to his place of residence, they are all will die. Yeon Woo sends monsters to follow the person . Then he left and goes back to satisfy the Phoenix with a handy over the Milky Way .

Review Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 60

In chapter 60 This story begins from Phoenix who believes that the eggs is prepared to hatch perfectly. Despite expecting an extended time, the egg didn’t hatch. then Yeon-Woo and the Phoenix created more flames of life and instilled them into the egg, because the Phoenix suggested that the beast might not be hatching because it required more. But despite all of that. The egg still refused to hatch. then Phoenix said that the egg will hatch if it’s a robust motivation and dream, while Yeon Woo. He has no dreams or motivations. He kept thinking that feeding it until the smoothness would make the egg hatch. Then he met Yanu who delivered letters from Phante and Edora. There wasn’t much written within the letter. It mentioned that the one-horned tribe had a crucial business to attend and being royalty, we all know that Phante and Edora were summoned back to the tribe and caused of that they ask apologize to Yeon-woo for being unable to advise so far . They said that Yeon-woo should not be worry. From here Yanu also says that Edora told him to assist Yeon Woo and he admitted that he was a heir to the psychics. He tries to convince Yeon-Woo that he are often trusted him as an area for Yeon-woo to place out all kinds of problems. He offers Yeon-woo about the talents he can get, but Yeon-Woo must visit the tribe with him. Yeon-Woo accepted. But is it a good decision? What do you think ?

Where To Read

You can read Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 59 here . And Make sure to check the up to date website mangafast to read the newest chapter of this manhwa.

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