Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 64

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 64 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be talking about Ranker Who Lives a Second Time manhwa Chapter 64, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 64 Recap

This chapter begins with Fedora and Phante apologized to Yeon-Woo after the formal meeting between Yeon-Woo and the Martial King. During meeting, Fedora’s stepbrother, Jang, has doubt Yeon-Woo’s ability. Therefore, Martial King allowed Jang to test Yeon-Woo’s ability before he could join the One-horn tribe in the battle. Jang underestimate the power of a mere human but before he could act, Yeon-Woo grab his head and smashed it to the floor. Martial King was laughing hard when he saw this. Jang was determined to use a sword dance art to beat Yeon-Woo but Yeon-Woo managed to punch Jang’s stomach. Without putting much effort, Yeon-Woo proved his skill to all of the audience. Martial King denounce that Yeon-Woo or Cain the Hoarder, will join them in the battle as part of the One-horn tribe.

After the battle, Yeon-Woo finds Martial King and ask him about how did he know about the incident of Arang group. Martial King admitted that he knew from their tribes’ psychic. But he also warned Yeon-Woo that other than him there was another person who knew about the incident. It was All For One. All For One has the skill called clairvoyance, which allowed its user to watch anything happens in the tower.  Martial King also told Yeon-Woo that they will join the Azure Sword clan in 5 days. 

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Synopsis

Yeon-Woo have a twin brother that mysteriously disappeared 5 years ago. One day, he found a vintage pocket watch belongs to his brother – the one that he had given him before his university entrance exam. Unexpectedly, there’s a hidden diary inside, containing his brother’s recorded message “By the time you heard this, I guess I have already dead…” 

The diary reveals everything that Yeon-Woo need to know, from the Obelisk – the Tower of the Sun God and its several dimensions and universes. Yeon-Woo then recognize that his brother had been a victim of betrayal during his journey to climb up the tower. Knowing the truth afterwards, Yeon-Woo decided to follow his brother steps and using his brother’s diary as guidance. 

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 64 Release Date

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time manhwa releases weekly, the latest chapter was published in 2nd June and the next chapter will most likely be uploaded next week. English translation will be available several days after. Be sure to check our websites for further information regarding the story and if you want to read Ranker who lives a second time manhwa you can also come to the official website like webtoon.

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