Ranker Who Lives a Second Time

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Manhwa Chapter 62 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be talking about manhwa Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 62, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time
Ranker Who Lives a Second Time

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 61 Recap

In chapter 61, Yanu finally saw the actual size of Yeon-Woo’s huge egg, which is almost 2 meters tall. Yeon-Woo says that he is ready to go, but is also unsure of how the One-horned tribe people would react since they are known for not really welcoming strangers. Even though the One-horned tribe people are known for their great talent and innate physique but the tribe members are known for being a secluded type.

However, Yanu denies it and stating that his people are very welcome toward strangers. Yanu then handled ticket for Yeon-Woo so that he will be able to leave the tower for a while so that he can go to the One-horned tribe for a while.When they almost reach the One-horned tribe’s village, Yeon-Woo recognize Jin-Art, but somehow Yeon-Woo managed to get through the path even though he’s an outsider. Yanu was surprised of Yeon-Woo’s ability, because as a part of One-horned tribe himself, he needs some time to learn about Jin-Art and it makes him wonder how awesome Yeon-Woo is.  

They finally reach the village, and Yeon-Woo meets Edora and her family. One-horned tribe villager also recognizes him as the guy that Princess Fedora has been seeing for a while. Yeon-Woo also get to meet Fedora’s father, the Martial King, and somehow the Martial King knows that he is able to traverse through the One-horned tribe’s Jin Art. Yeon-Woo was quite startled about that, he wonders to himself whether he had done something wrong. However, instead of talking about the Jin-Art, the Martial King asked the most unexpected question – about marriage between Yeon-Woo and Fedora.  

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Synopsis

Yeon-Woo have a twin brother that mysteriously disappeared 5 years ago. One day, he found a vintage pocket watch belongs to his brother – the one that he had given him before his university entrance exam. Unexpectedly, there’s a hidden diary inside, containing his brother’s recorded message “By the time you heard this, I guess I have already dead…” 

The diary reveals everything that Yeon-Woo need to know, from the Obelisk – the Tower of the Sun God and its several dimensions and universes inside. Yeon-Woo then recognize that his brother had been a victim of betrayal during his journey to climb up the tower. Knowing the truth afterwards, Yeon-Woo decided to follow his brother steps and using his brother’s diary as guidance. He mumbles to himself, “From now on, I am Jeong-Woo Cha”. 

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 62 Prediction

The next chapter will probably focused on Yeon-Woo’s visit to the One-horned tribe and how Edora’s family as well as the other One-horned villagers act toward Yeon-Woo. The next chapter may also reveal a further story about Yeon-Woo’s mythical beast egg and whether One-horned tribe are willing to help him or not. 

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 62 Release Date

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time manhwa releases weekly, the latest update was in 11th May and the next chapter 62 in raw Korean will most likely be uploaded next week. English translation will be available several days after. Be sure to check our websites for further information regarding the story.

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