Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 64 Spoiler

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 64 Spoiler Out Now!

Hey, how’s it going everybody? Today, we are discussing the new spoiler and review of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 64 which was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we are also providing the recap of chapter 63!

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 64

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 63 Recap

This chapter begins with Fedora and Phante apologizing to Yeon-Woo after their formal meeting with the Martial King. Throughout the meeting, Jang, stepbrother of Fedora, questions the skill of Yeon-Woo. Thus, Martial King allowed Jang to test the ability of Yeon-Woo before he could join in the battle with the One-horn tribe. Jang underestimates the power of a mere human but Yeon-Woo grabbed his head and smashed it to the floor before he could act. After seeing that, Martial King chuckled loudly. Jang was determined to beat Yeon-Woo using a sword dance art but Yeon-Woo managed to punch Jang ‘s stomach. Yeon-Woo proved his skill to all of the audience without putting much effort.

Martial King denounces that as a part of the One-horn tribe, Yeon-Woo or Cain the Hoarder will join them in the battle. Yeon-Woo sees Martial King after the fight, and asks him how he learned about the Arang group incident. Martial King admitted he knew the news from the psychics of their clans. But he also warned Yeon-Woo that there was another person who knew about the incident, other than him. He was All For One. All For One has the ability called clairvoyance, enabling its user to see everything occurring in the tower. Martial King also told Yeon-Woo that they will join the Azure Sword clan in five days’ time.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 64 Review and Spoiler

The martial king told Yeon Woo they would start the war in five days. Yeonwoo was shocked and the king told him they were going to be the one that started the battle. Meanwhile, at the gathering of the Azure Sword Clan, Spear God thought that one of their kind was a fool and was unacceptable to be recognized as ‘Fist King’ because he was defeated by the Red Dragon Clan. He can not imagine they had to waste magical dragon elixir just to heal him. Somebody has stopped the complaints of Spear God.

The patriarch told the four god they should think about how to deal with the Red Dragon, as their forces are less than their enemy. But they do have the ‘blade’ to cut the Summer Queen’s throat. They were told by the patriarch that they needed someone to perform a cleanup mission. To deal with the four legendary beasts, one should be sent out. To do so, the patriarch told Sword God to unleash the ‘Six’ and ‘Seven.’ And he commands the Sword God to go out and coordinate with One-horn tribe. The tribe organized a small festival after Yeonwoo’s battle with Jang, to welcome Yeonwoo.

Princess Fedora came and told Yeonwoo she was already taking care of the egg. As he went to the war, the Elders inside the tribe literally begged him to leave the egg. Yeonwoo’s right hand has been chained, and he was asking Fedora if she knew anything. Fedora believed its a Divine Iron handcuff. But, since there was no Divine Iron left, Yeonwoo can not believe this. The chain wasn’t finished though. The other two parts should have been there. The missing ones were the Fetter and The Pillory, and if he wished to know about the item he should found the other two. Other than that, Yeonwoo asked Fedora if he can learn martial arts.

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