Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Manhwa Chapter 65

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Manhwa Chapter 65 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we’ll give you a review of chapter 65of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa. We also have the recap of the previous chapter to help you recall the story for the next chapter 65!

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Manhwa Chapter 65

Recap of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 64

The martial king told Yeon Woo that they will begin the war in 5 days. Yeonwoo was surprised and the king told him that they will be the one who initiated the war. Meanwhile, in Azure Sword Clan meeting, Spear God felt that one of their kind was an idiot and didn’t suitable to be known as ‘Fist God’ since he got defeated by the red dragon clan. He can’t believe that they had to waste mystic dragon elixir just so that he could be cured. Someone stopped Spear God’s complaint.

The patriarch told the four god that they should think about how to deal with the Red Dragon, since their forces are inferior to theirs. But they have the ‘blade’ to cut the throat of the Summer Queen. The patriarch told them that they need someone to perform a clean-up task. Someone should be sent to deal with the four legendary beasts.  The patriarch told Sword God to unleash the ‘Six’ and ‘Seven’ to do that. And he command Sword God to go and coordinate with the One-horned tribe. After the battle with Jang, the tribe held a small festival to welcome their guest. Princess Fedora came and told Yeonwoo that she already take care of the egg.

The Elders within the tribe practically begged him to leave the egg when he went to war. Yeonwoo’s right hand was chained and he ask Fedora if she knew anything about it. Fedora thinks its a handcuff made of Divine Iron. But Yeonwoo can’t believe it since there was no Divine Iron left. However, the chain was not completed. There were supposed to be the other two parts. The Fetter and The Pillory were the missing ones, and he must found those two if he wished to learn about the artifact. Other than that, Yeonwoo ask Fedora whether he could learn martial arts.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Synopsis

Yeon-Woo have a twin brother that mysteriously disappeared 5 years ago. One day, he found a vintage pocket watch belongs to his brother – the one that he had given him before his university entrance exam. Unexpectedly, there’s a hidden diary inside, containing his brother’s recorded message “By the time you heard this, I guess I have already dead…” 

The diary reveals everything that Yeon-Woo need to know, from the Obelisk – the Tower of the Sun God and its several dimensions and universes. Yeon-Woo then recognize that his brother had been a victim of betrayal during his journey to climb up the tower. Knowing the truth afterwards, Yeon-Woo decided to follow his brother steps and using his brother’s diary as guidance.

Release Date of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 65

Waiting for a chapter 65 of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time? Wait a few days, please, as this manhwa will be updated once a week, and the latest update was on June 9th. If you want to read Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa, Make sure you check out our website so you won’t miss anything!

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