Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 66

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 66 Spoiler Out Now

Chapter 66 of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa is now out and here’s the summary for you guys! Furthermore, if you have not read or forgotten about the previous chapter, here is a recap of Chapter 65 to refresh your memory.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 66

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 65 Recap

Edora seems a bit surprised by Yeonwoo’s request, because martial art is a technique unique to the one-horned tribe. They are very reluctant to pass it to outsiders. Edora says she will ask her father in the morning.

Edora then asks her father later that night. Nayu also favors Yeonwoo. He might be willing to let him learn martial art under certain conditions. Edora soon will be taking the seat of the tribe psychic medium. This means Yeonwoo has to prove himself even more. But, Edore is fully confident in Yeonwoo’s abilities to do so.

Yeonwoo thinks about the divine iron on his hand, which is the best metals for materials. It is the very same kind of iron that pierced his brother in the past. He also thinks the Black King must be very powerful if the entire chain set was made out of divine iron. The guard who pestered Yeonwoo earlier is back at it again, and Yeonwoo teaches him a lesson.

In the morning, Edora meets Yeonwoo, bringing good news. Yeonwoo is allowed to enter the bronze-tier skill archive, the second rank out of four in total. The condition is Yeonwoo has to study by himself, and that there will be test after four days. If Yeonwoo passes the test, The Martial King himself will teach him.

Though it is hard, Yeonwoo is determined to complete his new quest. He reads book after book in the library. He concludes that he should focus on expanding his magic circuit first.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 66 Review

Yeonwoo is starting to understand more about mana and how it flows in one’s body. As a human, he needs acupuncture points (or cores) in his magic circuits. He plans to create cores in every corner of his mana channels to be able to control mana at will. After acquiring knowledge about mana, the gods and demons of 98th floor have become interested in him. This means Yeonwoo could be blessed with their power. The amount of mana Yeonwoo can gather increases significantly, he can also replenish it at faster rate. He also can use multiple elements magic without worry. 

Edora wakes up from her sleep on the third day. She sees Yeonwoo who appears enlightened after studying. Suddenly, Yeonwoo’s mana vein and twelve meridians are opened. Yeonwoo then tells Edora that he is really hungry. Even when he is eating, he doesn’t stop reading. Yeonwoo’s almost done with the whole process in 3 days. He keeps searching for what he is lacking in the bronze skill archive. 

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