Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 67

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 67 Release Date, Updates and More

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa has published the newest chapter 66! Today, we will be talking about possible prediction of the next chapter, chapter 67. We also give you a recap of chapter 66 in case you need to remember the plot.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 67

Recap of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 66

Yeonwoo is starting to understand more about mana and how it flows in one’s body. As a human, he needs acupuncture points (or cores) in his magic circuits. He plans to create cores in every corner of his mana channels to be able to control mana at will. After acquiring knowledge about mana, the gods and demons of 98th floor have become interested in him. This means Yeonwoo could be blessed with their power. The amount of mana Yeonwoo can gather increases significantly, he can also replenish it at faster rate. He also can use multiple elements magic without worry. 

Edora wakes up from her sleep on the third day. She sees Yeonwoo who appears enlightened after studying. Suddenly, Yeonwoo’s mana vein and twelve meridians are opened. Yeonwoo then tells Edora that he is really hungry. Even when he is eating, he doesn’t stop reading. Yeonwoo’s almost done with the whole process in 3 days. He keeps searching for what he is lacking in the bronze skill archive. 

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Synopsis

Yeon-Woo have a twin brother that mysteriously disappeared 5 years ago. One day, he found a vintage pocket watch belongs to his brother – the one that he had given him before his university entrance exam. Unexpectedly, there’s a hidden diary inside, containing his brother’s recorded message “By the time you heard this, I guess I have already dead…” 

The diary reveals everything that Yeon-Woo need to know, from the Obelisk – the Tower of the Sun God and its several dimensions and universes. Yeon-Woo then recognize that his brother had been a victim of betrayal during his journey to climb up the tower. Knowing the truth afterwards, Yeon-Woo decided to follow his brother steps and using his brother’s diary as guidance.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 67 Prediction

We predict by the fourth day Yeonwoo will have finished his study. He will know what he needs to know about mana to pass his upcoming test. We also feel like the test will be conducted in chapter 67. Will Yeonwoo be able to pass the test and become The Martial King’s disciple?

Release Date of Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa Chapter 67

Chapter 66 was released on June 21st, so it is likely that chapter 67 will be out next week. If you guys want to read Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Manhwa  and don’t want to miss the updates, keep an eye on our website!

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