Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 103

Spoiler Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 103 Release Date, Updates and More

Hello girls, I know you all are excited to see what will happen in chapter 103. But first, let us look back on the previous chapter, shall we? After that, we will inform you of the release date for the next chapter, so keep reading okay!

Spoiler Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 103

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 102 Recap

Selena tried to find out what is the real reason that makes Suho return to Korea. But seeing that Suho doesn’t want to talk about it, she gives up and instead asked him to shop with her.

Jugyeong was contacting Seojun and he told her that he was eating lunch with his friends. Feeling happy about their relationship right now, Jugyeong is determined to never fight again with Seojun.  Meanwhile, on the idol training place, Seojun and his friends hear that soon they will be tested to see which of them are ready to debut as a K-Pop Idol.

At the mall, Suho must accompany Selena to shop and carry her baggage. After they are done shopping, Selena told Suho that she wanted to meet someone before going home. Suho who was exhausted wanted to go home first but Selena stopped him. Surprisingly, the one Selena is waiting for is Jugyeong. Then Suho and Jugyeong meet awkwardly.

Then Selena called Jugyeong to come and sit with her. After that, she told her the real reason she called her. And the reason is that she wants to offer her a job.

After meeting Selena, Jugyeong went to meet with Seojun. Then he told her that from next week he must live in the trainee dorm. Jugyeong understands that this was his chance to debut as an idol and fully supported him. After that, Seojun invited her to his place.When they are making out, suddenly, Gowoon is entering the room and surprises them.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Synopsis

I knew my face was a problem! No one would ever like an ugly, ordinary girl like me.Until one day, I found a life-changing video on YouTube. Descent Of A Goddess. Everyone’s got a secret. Then, what kind of secret does this goddess have? A girl from high school who comes up to gain fame for being a beautiful girl in her school after mastering the art of make-up via YouTube.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 103 Prediction

What do you think will happen in the next chapter? Is Suho finally opening up the real reason he returns to Korea? Or will Seojun pass the tests and debut as an Idol? Or maybe we will see what happens to the relationship between Suho and Jugyeong next.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 103 Release Date

Descent of a Goddess Manhwais published once in a few days. The newest chapter was released on July 13th. So, the next one will be coming out soon. You can read Descent of a Goddess Manhwa on your favorite website. Don’t forget to always check our website!

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