Spoiler Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 104

Spoiler Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 104 Release Date and More

Hello girls, I know you all are excited to see what will happen in chapter . But first, let us look back on the previous chapter, shall we? After that, we will inform you of the release date for the next chapter, so keep reading okay!

Spoiler Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 104

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 103 Recap

In the last chapter, Gowoon Han accidentally caught Seojun and Jugyeong when they were making out. After that, Jugyeong went home, but before she went, she asked Seojun to invite her again when he was alone. Then the scene moves to Suho. We saw him reminiscing about what happened three years ago. We saw how depressed he was when he lived in Japan, how he chose to distance himself from Jugyeong and Seojun. We saw that he was trying to contact Jugyeong, but in the end, he chose not to contact her. On the other hand, Suho’s attitude made Jugyeong think that he had already forgotten her. Eventually, he admitted that no matter how hard he tried he still couldn’t forget Jugyeong. Jugyeong already thought that he had forgotten about her and tried to move on.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Synopsis

I knew my face was a problem! No one would ever like an ugly, ordinary girl like me.Until one day, I found a life-changing video on YouTube. Descent Of A Goddess. Everyone’s got a secret. Then, what kind of secret does this goddess have? A girl from high school who comes up to gain fame for being a beautiful girl in her school after mastering the art of make-up via YouTube.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 104 Prediction

We saw before that Suho was still in love with Jugyeong. How would this affect their friendship? Right now, Jugyeong has become Seojun’s girlfriend. What will happen to Seojun and Suho? Can they still be friends? Do you want to know the answer? Then, don’t miss the next chapter.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 104 Release Date

Descent of a Goddess Manhwais published once in a few days. The newest chapter was released on July19th. So, the next one will be coming out soon. You can read Descent of a Goddess Manhwa on your favorite website. Don’t forget to always check our website!

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