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Spoiler Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 117 Manhwa Release Date and More

Today is such a great day! Our discussion today will be Descent of a Goddes manhwa chapter 117. However, the chapter is not out yet so let’s have a recap on the previous chapter, and then we’ll tell you when chapter 117 will be released.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 116 Recap

The Prince of Prince show was on air! So, the male models were getting make over. They make-up artists were so focus on getting the best make over for each model. The winner would be determined by the panelists’ votes and viewers’ votes. After getting make-up, the models then got a photoshoot. All the models were so great and handsome. However, there was a surprise when Suho Lee’s photo was presented. It went trending all over the world.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Synopsis

The story revolves around the protagonist named Jugyeong Lim. After she is bullied for her appearance, she becomes a very skilled makeup user. When Jugyeong enters high school, she manages to convince others that her beautiful, made-up face is her natural appearance. Jugyeong befriends Suho Lee while in school, a wealthy and cold boy whom she runs into, bare-faced, at a comic book shop. She later meets Seojun Han, an aggressive student with a mysteriously good singing voice. The plot follows Jugyeong as she navigates her daily life and goal of becoming a cosmetologist.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 117 Spoilers

In the coming chapter, we will see Suho Lee’s picture obviously. How handsome he will be? Well, only the next chapter can tell.

Descent of a Goddess Manhwa Chapter 117 Release Date

What are you waiting for, guys? Go and read Descent of a Goddes Manhwa chapter 116 and then you can read this section further. So, because chapter 116 was just out today, chapter 117 will be there a week later. If you are confused about the story, you must read Descent of a Goddes Manhwa other chapters on your favorite comic-reading chapters out there. Please follow this site to get updated information every day!

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