Lady Baby Manhwa

Spoiler Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 105 Release Date, Updates and more

Hello fellow manhwua readers! Today we’ll talk about Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 105. First, let’s take a look at the recap of the chapter 104.

Lady Baby Manhwa

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 104 Recap

Sir Harchen was finally arrived at Cretianna’s party, attracting all the eyes to see him. However, Elphinny and Samona seemed to get busy with themselves. By busy it meant fighting each other. At some point, Samona and Elphinny asked why Lippe never sang in front of others. Lippe wanted to sing in front of others but she still had so many considerations. Cretianna then came to greet Lippe. Later on, Cretianna offered Lippe to be her maid. However, Lippe understood it as an insult.

Lady Baby Manhwa Synopsis

Her family was decimated by catastrophe and raging war, but when she listens to her nostalgic singing on the city’s graveyard, a mysterious female figure tells her she will be rewarded with a beautiful song and a Calliope’s veil in the dark. Calliope learns after waking up, that she traveled back to the time she was born!

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 105 Spoiler

Calliophe won’t be really angry at Cretianna. In the next chapter, this little dispute will be resolved. Well, what story will happen? Hmm, it’s gonna be a surprising one!

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 105 Release Date

If you really crave for the next chapter, you first need to read Lady Baby Manhwa chapter 104 to understand the story. Because chapter 104 was just out, chapter 105 will be out no sooner than next week. To get the fun of this manhwa, read Lady Baby Manhwa on any comic-reading sites now. Visit our site for more great news!

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