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Spoiler Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 106 Release Date, Updates and more

Hello fellow manhwa readers! Today we’ll talk about Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 105. First, let’s take a look at the recap of the chapter 104.

Lady Baby Manhwa

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 105 Recap

Cretianna had said something bad to Lippe, but she seemed did not realized it. Actually, Tianna thought that she helped Lippe. On the other hand, Lippe sarcastically said that Lippe only thought of herself. The help that Tianna meant was only on Tianna’s side without thinking about Lippe. Although it was clear that Tianna said something wrong, she did not admit it. Later on, Lippe said that forcing other people was bad. Also, Lippe said that Tiann was being rude.

Lady Baby Manhwa Synopsis

Her family was decimated by catastrophe and raging war, but when she listens to her nostalgic singing on the city’s graveyard, a mysterious female figure tells her she will be rewarded with a beautiful song and a Calliope’s veil in the dark. Calliope learns after waking up, that she traveled back to the time she was born!

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 106 Spoiler

Well the dispute seemed to be bigger than expected. In the next chapter, Tianna will apologize to Lippe. However, will Lippe forgive Tianna? Let’s hope that Lippe will forgive Tianna in the next chapter.

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 106 Release Date

This manhwa’s story was so great! Surely, you must read Lady Baby Manhwa chapter 105 to understand how great the story is. Besides, we can’t read the chapter 106 just yet, because chapter 105 was just released. However, chapter 106 will surely be published next week. Don’t forget to read Lady Baby Manhwa on any comic-reading website. Be sure to reagularly check this website for more info!

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