Lady Baby Manhwa

Spoiler Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 137 Release Date, Updates and more

Hello fellow manhwua readers! Today we’ll talk about Lady Baby Manhua Chapter 137. First, let’s take a look at the recap of the chapter 136.

Lady Baby Manhwa

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 136 Recap

Castillo felt riled up seeing Calliophe’s photo on newspaper, conversely, Lugwyn was so stunned seeing Calliophe’s photo. On Calliope’s home, Calliope was furious because Robel used the photo without Calliope’s permission. The photo was used by a company to promote business. Subsequently, Calliope and her mother went to the camera store. There, they met Cainon, the camera inventor. Cainon adored Calliope so much. However, Calliope was showing that she did not like the photo to be used without permission.

Lady Baby Manhwa Synopsis

Her family was decimated by catastrophe and raging war, but when she listens to her nostalgic singing on the city’s graveyard, a mysterious female figure tells her she will be rewarded with a beautiful song and a Calliope’s veil in the dark. Calliope learns after waking up, that she traveled back to the time she was born!

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 137 Spoiler

Although the photo was so cute, it is wrong to use it for business purpose without permission. Cainon will be blamed for it. In the next chapter, Calliope will try to get the profit she deserves from the photo. Ah, I can’t wait to see Calliophe’s cutenes.

Lady Baby Manhwa Chapter 137 Release Date

You can read Lady Baby Manhwa chapter 137 next week! This is weekly manhwa and has released its chapter 136 on July 19th. So, we need to wait for the next chapter but now you can read Lady Baby Manhwa chapter 136 first . If you don’t wanna get behind the story, you can read Lady Baby Manhua on your favorite website. Check our websites for any updates!

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