Spoiler Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 38

Spoiler Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 38 Release Date and More

Hello boys, I’m so excited to about Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 38! But first, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter. 

Overgeared Team Argo Manhwa

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 37 Recap

In the last chapter, Grid wanted to go to the Kesan Canyon, but with his level and equipment that he had now, he couldn’t survive against the monsters in the Kesan Canyon. And because he did not have the time to grind his level, finally, he decided to use the Item Creation to made an item design that will counter the situation at Kesan Canyon. He then made a design for a piece of equipment that had an invisibility skill called The Hoodie Zip-Up. Grid needed 20 sylphid scales to make this equipment. With his class he can’t hunt a sylphid, so Khan told him to go to hunt the Frostlight Orcs in the snowy north. Because he needed an armor that has cold resistance to hunt the Frostlight Orcs, he asked Khan for the production method so he can make that equipment. He accidentally crafted a set armor, even when he only used a production method of individual armor. This result made Grid think that maybe it because of Padma’s Descendant class. Finally, his preparation was complete, and he was ready to hunt the Frostlight Orcs. But what Grid did not know was that the drop rate of the sylphid scales was below 1%.

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Synopsis

This manhwa follows the journey of a loser, Shin Youngwoo. He is a total loser, even when playing the popular VRMMORPG game. But during a quest, he found a job. The most legendary job among 2 billion players.

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 38 Spoiler

So now Grid will begin his journey to start completing ‘The Padma’s Descendant’ quest. Will he get the sylphid scales that he needed? Grid thought that the Frostlight Orcs are weak, is he right? Will he find something unexpected in his journey? Don’t miss the next chapter, because you will regret it!

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter  Release Date

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa publishes its new chapter each week. The last one came out on July 26th. Surely, chapter 38 will be released the following week. If you want to read Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 37, you can visit manhwa reading website. If you don’t want to miss the next chapter, please check our website to read Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa.

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