Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa

Spoiler Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 79 Release Date and More

Hello boys, I’m so excited to about Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 179! But first, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter. 

Overgeared Manhwa

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 78 Recap

Greed finally defeated the Guardian of the Forest. However, he was disappointed with the reward that he got from that fight. When he was checking the loot that he got, Greed found a quest item related to Piaro. Because of that, Greed determined to look for the time to finish the quest of Piaro’s Request. Not long after, Huroi arrived at that place. When Greed saw Huroi, he quickly ordered Huroi to bring his troops to hunt the Frostlight Orcs. When he finished with Huroi and the others, Greed returned to the Smithy. Jishuka was already waiting for Greed in the Smithy. When she knew that Greed had defeated the Guardian of the Forest, she was surprised. Then she tried to seduce Greed so he would agree to move to her territory. However, Greed rejected her offer. After that, Greed prepared to start the forging of Failure. A couple of days later, Satisfy was shocked because of the announcement of the emergence of Pagma’s Successor.

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Synopsis

This manhwa follows the journey of a loser, Shin Youngwoo. He is a total loser, even when playing the popular VRMMORPG game. But during a quest, he found a job. The most legendary job among 2 billion players.

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 79 Spoiler

Greed now officially became a Legend Class Player. What will Greed face next after he officially became a Legendary Class Player? Find out the answers in the next chapter of Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa!

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 79 Release Date

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa publishes its new chapter each week. The last one came out on . Surely, chapter 79 will be released the following week. If you want to read Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa Chapter 78, you can visit the manhwa reading website. If you don’t want to miss the next chapter, please check our website to read Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa.

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