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Spoiler Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 153 Release Date and More

Hello guys, today is going to be great because we’re gonna discuss Solo Leveling manhwa chapter 153! But before that, let’s take a look at the previous chapter’s recap. Shall we?

Solo Leveling Manhwa

Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 152 Recap

The Frost Monarch reported about Jin-Woo to the other monarch. Then, the Frost Monarch suggested that they should kill Jin-Woo immediately. Some of the monarchs refused, but in the end, the Frost Monarch got some help from other two monarchs. Two weeks later, National Hunter Association held a meeting to choose Gun-He’s successor. Woo Jin-Chul came up the first as the fit candidate because he had connections to hunters throughout Korea. However, he requested that they should find more suitable person to fill in the seat. In the meantime, Thomas Andre was so sure that he would give the special daggers to Jin-Woo.

Solo Leveling Manhwa Synopsis

Ten years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the monster world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people received the power to hunt monsters within the Gate. They are known as “Hunters”. However, not all Hunters are powerful. The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, a weak hunter who wanted to be strong. He is an E-rank hunter who strives his way to become an S-hunter. 

Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 153 Spoiler

Thomas Andre will personally visit Jin-Woo in the next chapter. Firstly, Jin-Woo will think that he is arrested, but clearly, he is not. What will happen then? The monarches will start their plan on killing Jin-Woo.

Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 153 Release Date

How is it? the chapter was tense right? To learn the story more, you may read Solo Leveling Manhwa chapter 152 now! The chapter was just released today, so chapter 153 will be out a week later. If you want to read other chapters, you can read Solo Leveling Manhwa on your favorite comic website. Have a great reading, guys!

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