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Spoiler Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 32 Release Date and More

Good day fellow readers! Today we’re about to discuss Sword Sheath’s Child manhwa chapter 32. But, let’s just take a look at the recap of the previous chapter first. Let’s go!

Spoiler Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 32

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 31 Recap

After hearing that the Iron Blood Demon was still alive, King Paseol was so happy. This happiness couldn’t be calmed, even by the frogs. On the other hand, Bira was still being chased by Tanyu. At some point, Tanyu was gonna find Bira, but Bira was able to disappear quickly. Then, Bira thought that he would be fine hiding in a warehouse, waiting Tanyu to went away. Inside the warehouse Yehwa was sleeping and having a nightmare. In her dream, she saw Bira. When Yehwa woke up, she was surprised to see Bira as Bira was surprised to see Yehwa. As the situation calmed down, Bira saw a spider on Yehwa’s face, making Yehwa sleep. Turned out, the spider was Sojeo’s doing to spy on Yehwa. Later that night, Sojeo broke in to the warehouse to take Yehwa out. Apparently, Bira knew her plan.

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Synopsis

Bira is a little boy who loves fishing, he also lives and wanders with his dwarf grandfather in the wilderness. One day his grandfather told Bira to wait for him in the northern part of the forest, but his grandfather disappears. Until many years later, Bira’s been waiting for him while living in the forest, befriending a family of bears, and staying away from humans; just like what his grandfather had warned him to do. He meets and saves Tanyu’s life by chance, and later befriends him. Bira, having heard his friend go on a risky quest, leaves the forest and go to the outside world to save his Tanyu.

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 32 Spoiler

Bira somehow was able to know the plan. Now, what will Sojeo do? I think she’s going to fight Bira. So, in the next chapter, we will see what’s gonna happen between Bira and Sojeo. Well, let’s wait until the chapter comes!

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 32 Release Date

If you don’t wanna miss the fun, you can read Sword Sheath’s Child manhwa chapter 32 soon! This is a weekly manhwa and has just released its chapter this week. But you know what? This week, this manhwa released chapter 28 to 31 at one time! So, don’t wait too long, you can read Sword Sheath’s Child manhwa on any preferable website available. Always visit this website for more good news!

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