Spoiler Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 33

Spoiler Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 52 Release Date and More

Good day fellow readers! Today we’re about to discuss Sword Sheath’s Child manhwa chapter 52. But, let’s just take a look at the recap of the previous chapter first. Let’s go!

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 51 Recap

While Bira was running through the forest to stop the Fox from being killed by the Demon Deer’s curse, King Paseol was trying to look for a place so he could watch Bira’s fight from a safe place with Yehwa. On the battleground, the Fox, who didn’t realize that it had been in a dangerous situation all this time, still attacking the Demon Deer. And in the middle of this fierce fight, Bira suddenly appeared and interrupted it. At first, the Fox wanted to attack the person who interrupted its fight. However, when he found out that it was Bira, it changed its mind and began to attack the Demon Deer once again. When Bira saw this, Bira quickly hit that Fox to stop it from worsening this situation. When the Fox saw the weapon that Bira used and the purple aura from Bira’s body, the Fox finally understand that the Iron Demon’s presence that he felt before came from Bira. However, while the Fox was in a daze, Bira accidentally insulted the Fox. Because of this, the Fox went berserk once again.

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Synopsis

Bira is a little boy who loves fishing, he also lives and wanders with his dwarf grandfather in the wilderness. One day his grandfather told Bira to wait for him in the northern part of the forest, but his grandfather disappears. Until many years later, Bira’s been waiting for him while living in the forest, befriending a family of bears, and staying away from humans; just like what his grandfather had warned him to do. He meets and saves Tanyu’s life by chance, and later befriends him. Bira, having heard his friend go on a risky quest, leaves the forest and go to the outside world to save his Tanyu.

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 52 Spoiler

Will the Fox attack Bira because of its anger? And what would happen to the Deer Demon? Find out the answers in the next chapter of Sword Sheat’s Child Manhwa!

Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 52 Release Date

Do you want to read chapter 52? Well,  then you need to wait untill next week because the latest chapter had just been released. But for now, you can read Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa Chapter 51 on any manhwa reading websites. But if you want to be the first to read the newest chapter, then please read Sword Sheath’s Child Manhwa on our website!

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