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Spoiler The Gamer Manga Chapter 345 Release Date and More

Hello fellow readers, I’ve got big news! The Gamer Manhwa is going to release its chapter number 345. So, to remember what happened in the last chapter, we’re going to have a recap of chapter 344. Let’s go! 

The Gamer Manga

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 344 Recap

As Jihan coming to the Boss room, the ancient tree of vengeful chicken spirit rose to fight Jihan. The ancient tree roared which made effects of decreasing all skills effect by 10%. Subsequently, Jihan used the penton’s time acceleration, only to find that the ancient tree had the ability to change time. The ancient tree attacked Jihan, but he could avoid the attack and even counter-attacked the ancient tree. After getting attacked, the ancient tree called its subordinates, chickens –a lot of chickens! Jihan did not just stand there, however, so he used the scorching sun to attack the ancient tree.

The Gamer Manhwa Synopsis

Han Jee-han is a normal high school student but suddenly he has this special power in which he sees game-like setting in everything in this world. Going to the store for his mother become a quest to gain experience. He can see everyone’s level from their stat above their head. He can find items, and even level-up his skills. Seems like his whole life change into a big-scale game. However, his journey is not an easy path to follow. Monsters and enemies are waiting for him.

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 345 Spoiler

By using the Scorchin sun, will Jihan succeed destroying the ancient tree? Apparently, the tree will be destroyed by that. However, that’s not the end. Another strong enemy will come towards Jihan.

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 345 Release Date

The story was going tense! You must read The Gamer manhwa chapter 344 right away. Furthermore, because the chapter was just released, chapter 345 will be out next week. When it comes, read The Gamer manhwa on your favorite comic-reading website. Don’t forget to visit this site every day. Good day, everyone!

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