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Spoiler The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 346 Release Date and More

Hey everyone! How’s your day? Today, we’re discussing the upcoming chapter 346 of The Gamer Manhwa. We also provide the recap of chapter 345, so you guys can quickly remember the plot when they finally release the newest chapter!

The Gamer Manhwa

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 345 Recap

Han Jihan successfully defeated The Ancient Tree of Vengeful Chicken Spirit and all of its minions with the Scorching Sun Summoning Spell. However, after he saw how powerful this spell was, he swore not to use this spell again. Suddenly, there was a quest notification from the Chicken Valley Master. After some deliberation, Han Jihan finally chose to accept that quest. Han Jihan then entered a mysterious cave that suddenly appeared in that place. When he arrived at the end of that mysterious cave, he found a giant door and a Table Dolmen. When he was in the middle of a discussion with Yeonhwa, suddenly, he heard a mysterious voice talking to him. After Han Jihan went through the giant door, he saw a huge underground lake. Then suddenly, from the bottom of the lake, a huge creature came out to the surface.

The Gamer Manhwa Synopsis

Han Jee-han is a normal high school student but suddenly he has this special power in which he sees game-like settings in everything in this world. Going to the store for his mother becomes a quest to gain experience. He can see everyone’s level from their stat above their head. He can found items, and even level-up his skills. Seems like his whole life change into a big-scale game. However, his journey is not an easy path to follow. Monsters and enemies are waiting for him.

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 346 Prediction

What is the content of the quest that will be given to Han Jihan? And what did that Usa creature want from Han Jihan? Let’s find out the answers in the next chapter!

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 346 Release Date

Aren’t you guys excited to read The Gamer Manhwa Chapter? They release the chapters each week. We will most likely get chapter 346 in the following week. For now, you can read The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 345 in any comic-reading website. If you want to know more, please read The Gamer Manhwa on our website!

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