Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Spoiler Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 101 Release Date and More

Hello fellow readers! Guess what, Tomb Raider King chapter 101 will be our discussion today. But, the chapter hasn’t been out yet, so let’s just take a look on what was left on chapter 100. Let’s go!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Tomb Raider King Chapter 100 Recap

The allegation of Jean Richard plagiarizing Yoo Jae-Ha painting was going stronger on the media. Joo-Heon then challenged to paint the artwork if he was so sure of his innocent. Later on, Joo-Heon elevated the case even more by collecting other evidence of Jean Richard acts. On the other place, Jean Richard was furious because the media were attacking him over and over again. When Richard opened his door, he shocked to see reporters in front of his house. There were Joo-Heon and Jae-ha among them. Joo-Heon wanted to do the challenge at that time. So, the place then was set up for Richard and Jae-Ha painting. Richard seemed so sure but apparently his hands couldn’t draw anymore. Because he always plagiarized arts using Conan Doyle mirror mask, he had lost his drawing skill. It was because he had drawn using other people personas. So, now Richard’s was exposed!

Tomb Raider King Synopsis

Tomb Raider King manhwa story revolves around Seo Jeo-Heon as the main character. The story begins when the tombs of gods appeared in the world. The tombs come with many relics allowing people having it to have a legendary power. Then, all of sudden, an unknown Tomb Raider appears. His purpose is to raid all of the relics. He is called “Tomb Raider King.” What is yours is mine, what is mine stays mine! This is a story where a tomb raider returns and wants to get all of the relics for himself.

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 101 Spoilers

Jean Richard had nothing left now. What’s gonna happen to him? Well, in the next chapter, he’ll surely be punished for what he had done. Don’t forget to read the next chapter when it comes!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 101 Release Date

For your information, Tomb Raider King Manhwa releases weekly and the latest release was on the 17th July. This is a weekly manhwa so another chapter will come out a week later. You can read Tomb Raider King manhwa on your favorite website. Happy reading, and stay tune on our website!

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