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Spoiler Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 108 Release Date and More

Hello fellow readers! Guess what, Tomb Raider King chapter 108 will be our discussion today. But, the chapter hasn’t been out yet, so let’s just take a look on what was left on chapter 107. Let’s go!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Tomb Raider King Chapter 107 Recap

Wade Harman trapped Seo Jeo-Heon and the team inside the tomb while Wade was hiding. This also showed to Miller that Jeo-Heon was different than the alliance. However, they were surrounded by all kinds of diseases. Jeo-Heon then made the relics explode to kill all the diseases. But the diseases kept coming, so Jeo-Heon then burned them all to ashes. After the fight, relics were appearing in the tomb and Miller found an important relic called Gilgamesh Epic. Miller wouldn’t give the relic to Jeo-Heon though, for he feared that the relic is dangerous. 

Turned out, Seoul Ah, Jae-Ha, and even Miller were infected but not Jeo-Heon because he increased his immunity level. Later on, Jeo-Heon realized that the air was the source of infections and then he put everyone to a house relic. Jeo-Heon then wanted to blow the whole tomb along with Harman. That should blow Jeo-Heon too if he did not use the aegis shield. Then, boom! The room was exploded. 

Supposedly, the source of infections was the Hippocrates poison relic. Then, Jeo-Heon explained everyone that the disease monsters they fought earlier were a decoy, so that they would inhale the air containing the real poison. To cure the infected, Jeo-Heon gave them Bullocho fruit. He also gave Miller the fruit and then took the Gilgamesh Epic relic in return. Miller feared that the relic would be dangerous if Jeo-Heon brought it to the outside world. However, Jeo-Heon drank the relic and it shocked everyone, and me too!

Tomb Raider King Synopsis

Tomb Raider King manhwa story revolves around Seo Jeo-Heon as the main character. The story begins when the tombs of gods appeared in the world. The tombs come with many relics allowing people having it to have a legendary power. Then, all of sudden, an unknown Tomb Raider appears. His purpose is to raid all of the relics. He is called “Tomb Raider King.” What is yours is mine, what is mine stays mine! This is a story where a tomb raider returns and wants to get all of the relics for himself.

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 108 Spoilers

I am really shocked! What will happen to Jeo-Heon after drinking the poison? I know he would be okay but why? The next chapter must give us the reason why Jeo-Heon drink the poison. Let’s wait for it!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 108 Release Date

The story was going tense! You must read Tomb Raider King manhwa chapter 107 now, before you read the next chapter. However, because chapter 107 was just released, the next chapter will be out next week. When it comes, read Tomb Raider King Manhwa on your favorite comic-reading website. Don’t forget to visit this site every day. Good day, everyone!

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