Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Spoiler Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 188 Release Date and More

Hello fellow readers! Guess what, Tomb Raider King chapter 188 will be our discussion today. But, the chapter hasn’t been out yet, so let’s just take a look on what was left on chapter 188. Let’s go!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Tomb Raider King Chapter 187 Recap

Rothschild’s plan was questioned by Pandora members, but he explained that the game had changed by Joo-Heon presence. After the meeting, Eve Rockefeller came to talk to Rothschild. It was turned out that Rothschild had the Prometheus relic. Then, Prometheus commanded Eve to take care of Pandora while he was away. Later on, Pandora wanted Joshua to give them more prophecy. At first, Joshua told his objections towards the request. Since he was powerless compared to Pandora, Joshua couldn’t do anything but to agree the request. At the same day, Yang Chen came to meet Joshua. He asked Joshua to see his prophecy regarding with Joo-Heon. However, when Joshua tried to see Chen’s future, he was shocked to see a terrible prophecy of Yang Chen.

Tomb Raider King Synopsis

Tomb Raider King manhwa story revolves around Seo Jeo-Heon as the main character. The story begins when the tombs of gods appeared in the world. The tombs come with many relics allowing people having it to have a legendary power. Then, all of sudden, an unknown Tomb Raider appears. His purpose is to raid all of the relics. He is called “Tomb Raider King.” This is a story where a tomb raider returns and wants to get all of the relics for himself.

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 188 Spoilers

Will Joshua tell Yang Chen the truth? Seemingly, Joshua will tell Yang Chen only what Yang Chen wanted to know. In the next chapter, Joo-Heon will encounter Rothschild. He will finally met his nemesis.

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 188 Release Date

Chapter 187 was really fun, you must read Tomb Raider King Manhwa chapter 187 right away, for it was just released today. Moreover, chapter 188 is not gonna be released until next week. So yeah, you still have time to read Tomb Raider King Manhwa other chapters on any comic-reading website. But don’t forget to check our website for other news!

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