Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Spoiler Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 212 Release Date and More

Hello fellow readers! Guess what, Tomb Raider King chapter 212 will be our discussion today. But, the chapter hasn’t been out yet, so let’s just take a look at what was left in chapter 211. Let’s go!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa

Tomb Raider King Chapter 211 Recap

After Ilya captured the three Seo Joo Heon subordinates successfully, he started waiting for Seo Joo Heon. When Seo Joo Heon looked for his subordinates, Ilya was planning to ambush Seo Joo Heon. But Seo Joo Heon did not look for the three even after a night had gone. Ilya called Seo Joo Heon after couldn’t wait any longer and told Seo Joo Heon that his subordinates were in his hands, and if Seo Joo Heon wanted to rescue them, Seo Joo Heon would have to meet him. However, Seo Joo Heon only told Ilya that he decided to fire his subordinates. When Julian, Jae-ha, and Seol-ah heard what Seo Joo Heon had said, they began to get angry. However, they also realized that it meant that Seo Joo Heon believed that they could escape from this trouble without his help. So, not long after, Julian managed to destroyed Ilya’s relic with his relic. But when the three of them wanted to capture Ilya, Ilya was managed to escape by using the power of his Demon Relic. When the three of them returned to the base, they told Seo Joo Heon that the one who captured them was Ilya. After Seo Joo Heon found out about this, he quickly decided to catch Ilya.

Tomb Raider King Synopsis

The plot of Tomb Raider King Manhwa revolves around Seo Jeo-Heon as the main character. The tale begins with the arrival of the Tombs of Gods in the world. The tombs come with many artifacts that allow people to have legendary influence. And, unexpectedly, an unseen Tomb Raider emerges. The aim is to raid all the relics. It’s called the Tomb Raider King. It is a story where a tomb raider comes back and tries to collect all the relics for himself.

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 212 Spoilers

What is the plan of Seo Joo Heon for capturing Ilya? What would Seo Joo Heon do to prevent Ilya from escaping by activating his Demon Relic? Don’t miss the next chapter of Tomb Raider King Manhwa to know what happens next!

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 212 Release Date

How is it? the chapter was tense, right? To learn the story more, you may read Tomb Raider King manhwa chapter 211 now! The chapter was just released today, so chapter 212 will be out a week later. If you want to read other chapters, you can read Tomb Raider King manhwa on your favorite comic website. Have a great reading, guys!

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