Spoiler Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 138

Spoiler Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 138 Release Date and More

Everyone! How are you? Today, we will talk about the upcoming Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 138! But first, let’s have a recap of Chapter 137 to help you swiftly move into the new chapter when it’s finally out!

Spoiler Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 138

Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 137 Recap

Joo Seo Cheon unleashed his real strength and made all of the traitors feel scared. Because of this, the spirit of the other members of the unorthodox alliance was rising again. When the traitors wanted to flee, the Tactical Sect Leader tried to stop them. He told them that the Phantom Bow Swordsman (Joo Seo Cheon), must be tired after overused the defensive aura. He then started to attack Joo Seo Cheon, but alas, he made the wrong move. It turns out Joo Seo Cheon was still fine, so when the Tactical Sect Leader attacked him, Joo Seo Cheon was able to defend and then capture him. Meanwhile, the battle between the Unorthodox Sect Leader and the elders of the Unorthodox Alliance was getting fiercer. Now, the Unorthodox Alliance Leader started to use his real power to fight against the elders of the Unorthodox Alliance.

Volcanic Age Manhwa Synopsis

Joo Seo-Cheon is a man who fortunately survives the Warring Era and becomes the elder of the Hwasan family, only to lead a life full of remorse and doubt. When he returns to the past, he lies on his deathbed waiting for the inevitable. After his death, he travels back in time when he was only an 8-year-old disciple who had recently joined the sect, still living with his master. A year later, at the age of 9, he began his independent training outside the supervision of his master. Finally, out of constant supervision, Joo Seo Cheon is starting to use the improved version of Plum Blossom Qi Art, which had not been developed for another 66 years.

Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 138 Prediction

This battle is now at the boiling point. The Unorthodox Alliance elders are getting ready to bet their life to kill the Unorthodox Alliance leader. Will they succeed in killing him? However, the Unorthodox Alliance leader strength is truly unfathomable, so the winner is still can’t be predicted. But one thing for sure, in the next chapter we will see a great fight. So if you want to see it, then don’t miss the next chapter!

Volcanic Age Manhwa Chapter 138 Release Date

Since it’s been released, you can read Volcanic Age Manhwa chapter 137 right now! And, you can expect the new chapter to be out in less than a week! You can keep an eye on our website to be the first to read Volcanic Age Manhwa Online’s next chapter when it comes out!

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