The Gamer 326

The Gamer Chapter 326 : Release Date, Updates and more

In this post  lets talk about the upcoming chapter of The Gamer.If you missed the gamer chapter 325 read the recap below. This post contain spoiler, prediction and information about The Gamer Chapter 326.

The Gamer Chapter 326
The Gamer Chapter 326

Recap The Gamer Chapter 325

In the gamer chapter 325 we knew that Han Jee Han teleported to the opposite place that he assumed because the essence of the barrier , Chinese Alchemy Poison Brazier. His item was broken , and his mp and hp was in trouble. Then he met with the golden poison, she told him that he coudn’t go and do anything there until someone help him from the surface .

Synopsis of The Gamer

Han Jee-Han may be a highschool student. In his life suddenly appeared special powers where his world was like within the game. He can see everyone’s level, see Stat of every item, gain abilities and even level up! determine how he used that power and derived from which power it had been .

Prediction The Gamer Chapter 326

In the chapter 326, what does one expect Han Jee han will doing ? while he can’t do anything and use everything in his inventory. can he shake the golden poison ? or what is going to he doing ? he can persuade the golden poison to assist him get out of that place. Or he will just have an extended conversation with this woman about his power, the mission or about the abyss.

Release Date

The gamer  release a new chapter everyweeks. So the gamer chapter 326 may be released on May 8 2020. Make sure to check the up to date website mangafast to read the newest chapter of this manhwa.You can also Click link below if you want to read the other chapter of The Gamer.

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