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The Gamer Manga Chapter 335 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey you guys, I’ve got some news for you. We are going to discuss about The Gamer manhwa Chapter 335, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

The Gamer Manga Chapter 335

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 334 Recap

Han Jihan was standing at the top of obelisk. He was wondering about his limit and found out that he could produce anything below special grade without having any material. He remembers what Mahyeon Seong told him. Manufacturing was the real power of the gamer. His alarm told him to visit Seonil but on the way there, he was being attacked. Suddenly, he entered instant dungeon, the world of moonlight shadow. He find it hard to believe since the warning came just seconds before. Han Jihan saw two girls in different outfit but he didn’t see their names or level. The girls introduce themselves as Jamu and Jasul, a yoseon from Geumodo. Jamu attack Han Jihan after she introduce herself. Han Jihan tried to defend himself and takes out his special battle golem. Unfortunately, Jamu destroyed it easily using Heaven and Earth Destruction.

The Gamer Manhwa Synopsis

Han Jee-han is a normal high school student but suddenly he has this special power in which he see game-like setting in everything in this world. Going to the store for his mother become a quest to gain experience. He can see everyone’s level from their stat above their head. He can found items, and even level-up his skills. Seems like his whole life change into a big-scale game. However, his journey is not an easy path to follow. Monsters and enemies are waiting for him.

The Gamer Manhwa Chapter 335 Release Date

The Gamer manhwa released weekly, and the latest chapter was published in July 2nd. The next chapter would probably be out next week. You can read The Gamer manhwa on any reliable websites. Make sure you check our website for further information regarding this manhwa!

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