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The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 465 Spoiler Out Now

The God of High School Manhwa has released its newest chapter, chapter 465! Today we’re going to give you a review of the chapter. And for those who haven’t read or forgotten about chapter 464, don’t worry! We gotcha, we also provide the recap for 464.

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The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 464 Recap

A ton of energy is gathering in one place near the new Samseong Station. The energy that emerges stands by the dimension teleporter, the cane of the sage, the energy of Mira Yoo and the believers, in one holy place to be sent to the moon. It keeps absorbing energy and will not stop until the death of Mira Yoo, the body of the emperor of Jade.

Meanwhile, the fight between Daewi and Mira is still going on. Daewi hesitated to kill Mira, and as he did, more and more Jade emperors were appearing near them. However, Daewi apologizes to Xiaochen for not being able to give up on Mira. Daewi then hugged Mira and told her that the reason was because he loves her and believes that she is the one who can stop the holy place.

Then Mira strained herself. The body of the emperor of jade, the mind of the emperor of jade combined with the blade of tagatha, finally capable of destroying the holy place. It’s finally the beginning of an odyssey. At the end of the chapter, Daewi and Mira finally are united.

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 465 Review

The drones are assessing the damage to the city. Mira’s minions seem to be worried, but Daewi and Mira herself have assured them that their saintess is all right. But Mira seems to be blind. The wounded citizens’ vital signs are returning to normal throughout the city, and even the buildings that collapsed in New Samseong are recovering. This is probably caused by the energy of the combined power and the body of the emperor of Jade. Because the civilians acted very quickly, there were no civilian casualties. Since the holy place took a lot of power from Mira, and because she used a lot of energy to save her minions, she collapsed. Daewi, at the end of the chapter, seems very determined to take revenge on those bastards who are responsible for everything that has happened.

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