The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 468 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss about The God of High School Manhwa chapter 468. We will also give you a recap of chapter 467 to refresh your memory of the story.

The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Chapter 467 recap

The chapter begins with a flash back. There is a prophecy of the coming almighty god that shall descend upon earth when the time of great tribulation comes. The god will lead his legions of demons to earth and unleashes an undying flame. A prophecy about a prophet is also mentioned, and he will be a sacrifice for the god. After that, some people are talking about the prophecy. Some are thinking that Mandeok Sang is fit to be the prophet, but some thinks Mansuk Sang is also fit. On the other side, the short red-haired girl seems to be mad about everything. Mujin then tries to stop the red haired girl. Mujin knows that the girl can hear people’s thought. She thinks everything is filthy. She says Mandeok lost all his organs to her. She hates her own body now and wants to die. Mujin was trying to tell her something, but it seems she already hears his thought and punches him in the face. To comfort her, Mujin says Mandeok Sang found his own path and didn’t give up. The girl then kisses him, and Mujin falls in love for the first time when he is eighteen years old. At another place, someone is awaiting the coming of Tathagata.

The God of High School Manhwa Synopsis

The Gods of Highschool tells about Jin Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea . At the start of The story, he was invited to hitch the martial arts tournament called “The God of highschool “. This aroused the interest of Mo-Ri, and as he continued the tournament, he met many competitors each with different fighting ways. During the opening round, he found two other martial arts wonders: the entire contact specialist Han Dae-Wi and therefore the Epeeist master Yu Mi-Ra.

The God of High School Chapter 468 Prediction

There hasn’t been any news about what is going to happen next after the fight between Daewi and Mira ended. In the coming chapter, we predict, the story will touch upon this.

Release Date of Chapter 468

The God of High School Manhwa usually releases a new chapter weekly. If you want to read The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 467 was published on June 5th, so it is likely that chapter 468 will be out next week. Stay tuned!

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