The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 469 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss about The God of High School chapter 469. We will also give you a recap of chapter 468 to refresh your memory of the story.

The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 468 recap

Mandeok went to the doctor alone, the doctor said he might be in a very critical state. Mandeok saw Mansuk Sang kisses Mujin and feels upset. Mandeok is being picked on by someone, then Mujin saved him. 

Mansuk Sang kept hearing people’s thoughts and felt frustrated. But, there was one voice that calmed her down, it was Mujin’s. She hugged him. The two of them were going on a date. Mansuk Sang kept hearing people thoughts and wanted to punish them regardless who they are. Mujin took her to see Mandeok. He tried to show her that her ability was not useless by showing her how Mandeok could manage even with his condition. Mansuk Sang then gave Mujin her cross necklace. 

When the day of the solar eclipse finally comes, the day when the supreme god will be awoken, the prophet is called. Everybody looks at Mansuk Sang. But, suddenly, Mandeok tells everyone to wait and he gets up on his two feet. Everyone thinks it’s a miracle. Some of the people immediately think that Mandeok is the prophet.

The God of High School Manhwa Synopsis

The Gods of Highschool tells about Jin Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea . At the start of The story, he was invited to hitch the martial arts tournament called “The God of highschool “. This aroused the interest of Mo-Ri, and as he continued the tournament, he met many competitors each with different fighting ways. During the opening round, he found two other martial arts wonders: the entire contact specialist Han Dae-Wi and therefore the Epeeist master Yu Mi-Ra.

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 469 Prediction

Still in this chapter there hasn’t really been an explanation what may come after the big battle. It is possible the matter of the prophet will be addressed more in the next chapter. So, who is the true prophet? Is it Mansuk Sang? Or Mandeok?

Release Date of Chapter 469

The God of High School Manhwa usually releases a new chapter weekly. If you want to read The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 468 was published on June 5th, so it is likely that chapter 469 will be out next week. Stay tuned!

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