The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 472 Release Date, Updates and More

Hello, guys. The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 472 hasn’t been released yet. So, let’s just take a look at the recap of the previous chapter then I’ll inform you when the next chapter will be coming out.

The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 471 Recap

ChangJu Moon, Hallyang Seo, and Jesan Jeon encountered Xiaochen, Byron, and Romario whom they would fight. At the other place, Mubong’s power seemed not working anymore while he encountered Belzeebub who was summoned by Mandeok Sang. Realizing Mubong was no match for him, Belzeebub now turned his attack to people around him. He would attack and eat a little kid who was later be saved by Mubong. On the other hand, Mandeok realized that it was all just fakes. He was not the prophet he thought because summoning Belzeebub only brought havoc on Earth. Then, Mubong thought of killing Mandeok for he thought that by killing the summoner, Belzeebub would lose his power.

However, Man-Duk Sang, Mandeok’s sister, prevented Mubong’s plant, instead, she asked Mubong to save her brother. In desperation, Mubong made the ground collapsed and brought everything down to a place called India. On the other side, Mandeok was still shocked for he just realized that all of his actions turned to be wrong. Seeing Mandeok being calmed down by his sister, Belzeebub wanted to devour both of them. In all of the chaos, and wanting to save Man-Duk sang, Mubong used a national treasure named The Holy Cross. Splitting half of Belzeebub body, however, he failed to save Man-Duk. It seemed that the tragedy of the prophet happened years ago in the same place was repeating itself.

The God of High School Manhwa Synopsis

The Gods of High School tells about Jin Mo-Ri, South Korea’s 17-year-old martial artist. He was invited to enter the martial arts competition called “The God of high school” for the beginning of The Story. This aroused Mo-Ri ‘s curiosity and as he continued the tournament, he encountered several competitors with different forms of combat. He noticed two other martial arts wonders during the opening round: the entire touch specialist Han Dae-Wi and, accordingly, the Epee master Yu Mi-Ra.

The God of High School Manhwa Chapter 472 Release Date

The God of High School Manhwa is released once in a week. The latest chapter was released on July 3rd, 2020. So, next week, you should be prepared for the new chapter. You can read The God of High School Manhwa on your favorite comic websites. Be sure to always check our website for the most updated information of this manhwa.

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