The God of Highschool Manhwa Chapter 465

The God of Highschool Manhwa Chapter 465 Release Date, Update and More

Right now we will be talking about the popular manhwa, The God of Highschool Chapter 465. However, before we jump in, let’s start from the recap of the previous chapter first.

The God of Highschool Chapter 464 Recap

There is a ton of energy gathering in one spot near the new Samseong Station. The energy that emerges stands by the dimension teleporter, the cane of the sage, the energy from Mira Yoo and the believers are gathering into one holy place which will be sent to the moon. It keeps absorbing energy and will not stop until the death of Mira Yoo, the body of the jade emperor. 

Meanwhile, the fight between Daewi and Mira still continues. Daewi hesitated to kill Mira, and as he did, there are more and more jade emperors appearing near them. However, Daewi apologizes to Xiaochen because he cannot give up on Mira. Daewi then hugged Mira, and told her that the reason is because he loves her and believes that she is the one who is able to stop the holy place. 

Mira then strained herself. The body of the jade emperor, mind of the jade emperor combined with the blade of tagatha finally able to destroy the holy place. It is finally the start of an odyssey. At the end of the chapter, Daewi and Mira finally reunite with each other.

The God of Highschool Synopsis

The story revolves around Jin Mo-Ri, a young boy and also a martial artist from Seoul who got a mysterious invitation to join “The God of High School”, a martial art tournament. This tournament brings up high schooler martial arts from all over Korea on regional and national scale to select three contestants as representatives of Korea for the world championship. The mysterious organization that sponsored this tournament also claims to fulfill the winner’s wish, whatever it is. 

As Mo-Ri continues further through the tournament, he meets various competitions from all over the country with different ways of fighting. Later on, he befriended some of the other contestants whom he had fought earlier in the tournament. As the tournament goes on, the story then continues to reveal other assembled teams and their plan toward the mysterious organization. 

The God of Highschool Chapter 465 Prediction and Spoiler

In the previous chapter, Daewi and Mira Yoo were finally able to destroy the holy place, which means both of them were also able to prevent the eclipse and stop the world from coming to an end. However, there’s so much more that will happen after the holy place got destroyed, and we will know about it in the next chapter.

The God of Highschool Chapter 465 Release Date

The God of Highschool Chapter 465 manhwa releases weekly. The previous chapter was released several days ago, and the next chapter will be updated next week. You can read this manhwa in webtoon and any other reliable websites. Make sure to check our websites for further information and updates about the story.

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