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The God of Highschool Manhwa Chapter 466 Release Date, Update and More

Let’s discuss about the upcoming chapter of The God of Highschool chapter 466, shall we? Start with the recap of the previous chapter, we will be giving you prediction and spoiler of the upcoming chapter below.

the god of highschool

The God of Highschool Manhwa Chapter 465 Recap

There are drones capturing and determining the extent of the damage in the city. Meanwhile, Daewi assures Mira’s troops that their saintess is safe. Mira said she is okay as well, but when she stands up, it appears that she is blind after the past incidents. Citizens all around the city seems to going back to normal, and the building in New Samsoeng are recovering as well because of the combined energy and power of the Jade emperor.

There are zero civilian casualties because the civilians acted very quickly to handle everything, and if it weren’t for them, there would be a lot of damage and victim happened. Meanwhile, Mira had used all of her jade emperor power, and she seems to be collapsed on the ground due to exhaustion, but she don’t want to waste any more time regretting what happened, and Daewi determined to ask revenge from all the bastard who responsible for everything that has happened.

The God of Highschool Manhwa Synopsis

The story revolves around Jin Mo-Ri, a young boy and also a martial artist from Seoul who got mysterious invitation to join “The God of High School”, a martial art tournament. This tournament brings up high schooler martial arts from all over Korea on regional and national scale to select three contestants as representatives of Korea for the world championship. The mysterious organization that sponsored this tournament also claims to fulfill the winner’s wish, whatever it is.

As Mo-Ri continues further through the tournament, he meets various competitions from all over the country with different ways of fighting. Later on, he befriended with some of another contestants whom he had fight earlier in the tournament. As the tournament goes on, the story then continues to reveal other assemble teams and their plan toward the mysterious organization. 

The God of Highschool Manhwa Chapter 466 Prediction

Mira seems to be fainted in the previous chapter because of the energy of jade emperor that she had used. In the latest chapter, we have seen Daewi determined to ask revenge from the bastards. Therefore, in the next chapter we most likely will see how it goes and whether he able to punish the bastard or not. Besides, we also will see whether his revenge plan will run smoothly or not in the next chapter.

The God of Highschool Manhwa Chapter 466 Release Date

The God of HIghschool Manhwa releases new chapter each week. Since the latest update was in 28th May, the next update of this manhwa should be released by the first week of June. if you want to read The God of Highschool Manhwa Be sure to check our website for further review of the upcoming chapter

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