The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor 136

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 136 : Release Date, Updates and more

Today Lets talk about the upcoming chapter of The Legendary Moonlight sculptor. But first, I suggest you to read the previous chapter of this manhwa or you can read the recap here.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Recap The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 135

Weed gets a replacement mission to travel to the plains of despair from Freya Church’s quest. the entire city talked about his bravery taking the search no exception to his good friend Mahpan who really didn’t expect that weed was still alive and managed to crush his previous mission. Weed met Mahpan and asks him to make it 50000 Silver Arrows. He eventually transforms into the orcs of the sculpture he made to travel trying to find the things that needed. While the Guild Scarlet is facing a fierce battle with the monsters. they have knowledgeable sculptor to sculpt 7 Scorpions which will be wont to open the traditional text called Bahron text. And there they’re looking for Weed.

Synopsis of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is that the story of a person , Lee Hyun, who may be a slave to money. He was formerly referred to as the legendary God of War of the highly popular MMORPG, Continent of Magic. He auctioned his character in an attempt to assist his debt-ridden family found it selling for around $3.1 billion. An unfortunate run-up with loan sharks does, however, cause Lee Hyun to lose nearly all of his money. This forced him to venture into the fashionable gaming world lead by Royal Path, the first-ever computer game MMORPG, to support his ailing grandma and save enough for potential college tuition for his son.

Prediction and Spoiler

The plot of the Legendary Moonlight sculptor chapter 137 are often weed go wandering around to seek out all the things he needs. He will spend all his gold and energy so as to accomplish the mission well. But to not be forgotten also with Guild Scarlet wings who need weed to form 7 scorpion sculptures that are likely to offer it a profit and a wealth that’s no less big. Will he still take precedence over the mission he has received or he will receive the Sculptor work offered.

Release Date

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor usually release a replacement chapter about once or twice a month. So Chapter 136 it’s going to be released on 10 of May 2020. So confirm to see the up so far website on mangafast to read the most recent chapter of this manhwa. you’ll read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor on many free online manga website. there are many other platforms and scintillation website provide you the content.but i will suggest you to go to this link below if u got to read the previous chapter of this manhwa.

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