The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 137 Release Date, Updates and More

Right now we will talk about The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 137. However, let’s talk about the previous chapter first, shall we?

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 136 Recap

Chapter 136 tells about the further battle between Guild Scarlet and the monsters. Meanwhile, Weed gets a replacement mission of traveling to the plains of despair from Freya Church’s quest. The villager was talking about Weed’s bravery regarding his mission. Weed then transforms into an orc and he travels through the battle to find the items that he need.

Weed returns to the city and exhausted after his mission to travel the pain of despair. When Weed walks on his way to the castle, Mapan calls him and tells him about the thing that Weed has ordered – 2 million silver arrows and about 60 thousand weapons and silver plating materials. It cost Weed 70 thousand of gold, but he asked Mapan to send it to the plain of despair in Yurokina Mountains within 10 days. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, people are startled with the appearance of red inflammatory witch and the Light named Goreb User. This is unusual, considering the fact that they visit the Kingdom of Rozaim all of a sudden since there are only a lot of beginners here. The light tells the red inflammatory that he heard information that the sculptor is nearby, hence it is the reason why they visit the kingdom in the first place. Then, they both encounter Weed who was about to leave the town.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Synopsis

Lee Hyun is known as the legendary God of War in MMORPG, Continent of Magic. Being a slave of money to free his family from debt, he sells his character to an auction with the amount of 3.1 billion Korean Won. Unfortunately, there are some things happen regarding the loan sharks which caused Hyun to lose a huge amount of money. Lee Hyun then decides to step into the new era of virtual reality MMORPG gaming called Royal Path – the first ever computer MMORPG game

The story then reveals about Lee Hyun’s struggle and hard work of the lowest to become the highest. Lee Hyun’s journey and goal is to become an emperor with his desire for wealth, and he’s doing it in order to help his grandmother as well as to save up some money for his sister’s college tuition. 

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 137 Prediction and Spoiler

The next chapter presumably will tell the further encounter of Weed with the red inflammatory and the Light. It seems like both of them are looking for Weed, and we will know the reason why in the next chapter. Be sure to check our websites for further updates regarding the story.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 137 Release Date

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa releases about once or twice a month, and the latest update of chapter 136 was released in 10th May 2020. There’s no exact date regarding the release of the next chapter, but it safe to assume that the chapter 137 will be released around next week. So, make sure to visit VIZ or Shonen jump to read The Legendary Moonlight sculptor chapter 137 when it release.

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